Team CICASA- The Friends who became Family

A year back, five individuals sat in the office of Jamshedpur branch of ICAI with the great  task of leading the CA students’ association for the year ahead. Not everyone was in the room by their own choice; some were there for the sake of friendship while some were blackmailed (read emotionally harassed) by their ex-colleagues to file their nomination. Nonetheless, when we left the room that day, all four of them said the same thing to me, “Ye team tumhi ko lekar chalna hai.”

And thus, the journey of CICASA Committee 2016-17 began:

13th August, 2016- Elocution and Quiz Contest

Our first event, where we got a breeze of what is coming and where the first unofficial meeting for allocation of posts were held:

Arsh- Vice Chairman (Kyuki Nitish ko VC nahi banana hai)

Pallavi- Secretary (Kyuki Secretary hi stage par bolti hai)

Ayush- Treasurer (Kyuki ye Marwari hai aur iske Papa Branch Chairman)

Nitish and Anurag- Executive Committee Members


From Right to left: Nitish, Anurag, Ayush, Arsh, Pawan Sir and I.

15th August, 2016- Football and Volleyball Tournament

Held in the midst of scorching heat and refreshing rains, this event was remarkable for two reasons- first, Puma footballs became a part of Jamshedpur CICASA family and second, it was the beginning of Anurag’s winning stint in CICASA sports events.

Winners of Football- Team Red (Captain: Anurag)

Winners of Volleyball- Kedia-Padia Brothers (Captain: Anurag)

After a break of 3 months, we met our Chairman and told him about our plans for November.

14th November, 2016- Childrens’ Day

The best feeling in the world is the joy of giving, is what we understood as we spent the day with students of ‘Masti ki Paathshala.’


At Masti ki Paathshaala

27th November, 2016- YouthVibe-the Thaaaa Fest

The name was suggested by our VC Arsh, who said, “Kuch bhi ho, naam se thaaaa wali feeling aani chahiye” and Bamthere was YouthVibe- the thaaaa fest. From making arrangements for food to tenthouse and interacting with everyone, we poured our heart and soul into the event and the result was an amazing day in the history of CICASA, not to forget the 11 am meetings above Desi Tadka, daily trips to aldine, the suicidal dosa at Dosa Hut and food tasting at Marwari Bhojnalay.We learnt a lot of lessons after his event, the biggest being teamwork and unity.


The Group Photograph 😀

25th December, 2016- Tashan-e-Cricket

Oh this was not an easy task. With our mastermind on study leave, all we did was go in a vicious circle of rejecting nad getting rejected by Cricket ground authorities. Finally settling on Agrico ground, the event was good but the coordination was still missing.

Captain of the Winner team? (guess, guess- it was Anurag :D)

22nd January, 2017- Indoor Sports Tournament

After a lot of persuasion and convincing and preparations we organized the Indoor Sports Tournament, with battle of the odds (Ayush and Arsh) being the highlight of the event. I happened to get Runners Up in Badminton doubles but the happiness was reduced to ashes when my mother remarked, “Committee mein ho to kya bache hue trophies bhi ghar le aaogi?”

The winner of men’s events was………….not Anurag (He happened to be runners up) :p


25-27th May, 2017- GST Seminar

We had sunk into our daily routine of articleship, thinking it was the end of our term when we got a call from Branch to organize the GST seminar. One could see the relief on Das Sir’s face when he said, “Chalo tumlog ke term mein educational event bhi ho gaya” 😀

27th June, 2017-Hip Hip Hurray!!

We were again going into study mode, now that Winter (read November) is coming, but then came the masterplan of Welcome celebrations on the eve of CA day. Having gained an expertise in working hard towards organizing any event, we rose to the occasion and organized a fair again- featured by rain dance and ending with Ayush and I going to any lengths to have our dosa 😀

29th June, 2017- Mega Entertainment Event

Mega Entertainment Event was a 10 to 10 (12 hour shift) for us but in the end it was a great evening with a lot of fun moments shared by us.

I came home on 29th and got a very strange feeling, because I knew that we might not get together like this again and spend so much time. So I took out my notebook and poured my heart into it so that our memories will always stay forever in my mind.

As we unofficially bid farewell to our term this CA day, here is a little something for you all:

Arsh: You grew tired of asking me not to shout on microphone, but then you knew I loved doing it again and again :p Thanks for taking me along with you from here to there with non stop entertaining Punjabi songs all the way. Sorry for hanging up without completing the whole conversation every time, my phone is to be blamed for this!

Ayush: Your “Ek cheez bolna hai” has led to innumerous discussions in our meetings before finally becoming your trademark. I have found a very dear and understanding friend in you that I will surely never try to lose!

Anurag: I knew you as Shipra Di’s friend and the guy with whom I shared a PC in ITT. But in the last 1 year, I have seen many shades of your personality- a hot headed Rajput bwoy who is not just hard working and responsible, but also emerges as the winner at the end of the day. Keep this attitude and you will go a long way in life!

Nitish: Even though I fight with you the most, you are my favourite! With your deadly punchlines in every situation to my irritation at your laziness, I will always remember those moments. By the way, your driving skills have improved over time!

Thankyou for being the best supporting team I could ever ask for!


You Know Who.



2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 830 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 14 trips to carry that many people.

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OT- Seven Days of Learning and Fun!

Last week, I attended the seven days Orientation Programme of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, a mandatory course to be attended before commencing the three years of articleship. It was an enriching experience where each day had something new to offer.

Day 1:
The Introduction session taken by Mrs Jasmine Bugli was mainly focused on effective communication skills- communication is not done just verbally but non-verbal communication is also important. Each person had to introduce themselves by telling everyone about the significance of their name, hobbies and qualifications. The batch had students from Ranchi, Kanpur and Jamshedpur- the quiet ones, the fun loving people and the no- nonsense ones; the combination was sure to make the next six days interesting!

Day 2:
CA Nitesh Maheshwari, a young and fun loving Chartered Accountant took us into the world of Financial Analysis which was far more interesting than what we had read in the theory of Financial management. He knew when and how to get our grey cells running. A complete number-crunching session, a few “quiet ones” managed to take a nap 😀

Day 3:
The first session was on Business Environment, conducted by Mrs Priyanka Agarwal who also runs a play school in Jamshedpur. The topic was mainly course related, but Priyanka Mam really made it fun by conducting rapid fire rounds and other cool activities.
The second session on Positive Attitude, conducted by Mrs Prabha Prakash who is a teaching faculty at Carmel Junior College, Jamshedpur was really not just because the topic itself was inspiring, but Prabha Mam herself was so full of positive energy and enthusiasm that she made the whole class lively.

Day 4:
Most of us were not looking forward to this class for two reasons- First, it was on Sunday and second, the topic for today’s session was Group Dicussion and Conversation Skills, both of which involved public speaking. Something that none of us were really good at!
On the contrary, the session turned out to be the best of all. The topics given for the Conversation Skills were so interesting- be it Sourav’s description of how his first date would be or Naveen’s views on how he would feel if he was a girl, nothing could stop us for laughing uncontrollably for the next few hours! The topics of “online shopping” and the debate on “love and arranged marriages” transformed us into established orators when it came to expressing our views.

Day 5:
Prabha Mam’s session on Personal Habits was again fun filled with the ramp walk and the feedback session. The second session on Office Etiquettes conducted by Priyanka Mam was equally informative. This session really boosted my confidence when almost everyone including Prabha Mam and Priyanka Mam appreciated the fact that I am a confident speaker.

‘Art of Writing’ would have turned out to be a boring and monotonous session had Priyanka Mam not conducted the ‘Antakshari round’ as well as her Rapid Fire round.
The second session on History of ICAI by Nitesh Sir was really informative as he told us everything that we need to know about the three years of articleship that we are going to begin in a few months.

Day 7:
Last day of the Orientation. The same people who were sitting in small groups on the first day were actually cracking jokes and getting pictures clicked with everyone. Suddenly someone played the music and the empty floor space turned into a dance floor where we danced until Jasmine Mam came. Jasmine Mam made us play “Chinese Whisper”, a game she said where none of the batches in the last 20 years had successfully passed on a message. But we were adamant and after three tries, we finally passed the message right!
We were then shown “I am Kalam” a movie with a simple yet strong message- We should not let our destiny decide the course of our dreams. The Self- analysis session followed and this is what I said-
“The best part of this programme is that I finally, after 12 years of struggle overcame the fear of public speaking. Now I know that it’s not just important to score good marks in the exam, but to make new friends wherever I go, not judge anyone for what they seem and also let down my hair once in a while and dance as if nobody is watching.”

Am I going to miss these days?
Yes, right from Vijay “Question Bank”, the Cap-wala-Rahul and “Engineer” Rahul, the shy “lover boy” Sourav and “Kanpur wala Sourabh”, Roshan with her awesome fashion sense, “Chatterbox” Chitra, Anuj’s epic solution to everything- “Ye sab toh Moh-maaya hai pagal!”, Harsha’s giggle, “Bossy” Priya, IPS Shikha, Neha’s frowns, Kiran’s omnipresent mobile phone, Naveen’s rampwalk, Hemant’s mimicry of Sunny Deol, Shruti’s introduction before every speech, Nupur’s calmness, Lavanya’s suicide attempt with a stole, Naina and Jyoti’s simplicity to Imtiaz’s trademark Jain Classes bag- I am going to cherish each and every memory of these seven days!

“Goodbyes are not forever,
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you.
Until we meet again!”

Unofficial:The Batch Photograph

Unofficial:The Batch Photograph