Happy Birthday!

My blog turned a year old today. Time travels so quickly- last year on the same day, I remember I was browsing through the WordPress site rigorously- looking for the appropriate theme, background, deciding the name, topics and giving the finishing touches.

This makes me happy :)

This makes me happy :)

Writing is my passion and an indispensable part of life. I write whenever I feel bored, happy, sad, overwhelmed, anxious, and curious. I had piled up a collection of write-ups when one day my sister suggested to me- “Why don’t you share it on a public forum instead? Like you could write a blog.” That was it- the idea that changed my life :D

I would always be thankful to my sister for without her support and suggestions, this blog would have been non-existent. I would also like to thank Soham Banerjee and Sai Vineet- the two awesome juniors whose blogs motivated me to enter this fascinating world of blogging!

All work and no play have made me dull and lifeless- so I will make it a point to allocate equal attention to my hobbies too. So much has happened in these two months- okay I will keep it for the next time :D

Till then, keep calm and wait for the next post :D

Special moments need special celebrations!

Special moments need special celebrations!


Hello fellas!

I know I have been away from blogosphere for a long time. But I really couldn’t do anything about it- the year 2014 started with a BANG-so many new things were happening at the same time, it took me a while to adjust to the changes and get away.



My Marksheet

 Anyways, first things first- the results of the Common Proficiency Test which I had appeared in were declared on 15 Jan and I have scored 87% which is the highest in not just my city, but also my state, Jharkhand. For all those who don’t know about CPT, it is an objective type entrance level exam conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. Now that I have qualified it, I have now registered for the first part of the Chartered Accountancy curriculum- Integrated Professional Competence Course, where a student has to study seven subjects- Accountancy, Auditing, law, Taxation, Financial Management, Information Technology, Cost Accounting- in fact these seven papers are divided into even further small subjects, so appearing for all these in this November itself is going to be a Herculean task; nonetheless it will enhance my knowledge to a very great extent. Well don’t be surprised if I come up with interesting tidbits from the field of taxation and law in my  blog! :D

Well an awesome achievement is incomplete without an awesome celebration. So I visited the newly opened outlet of KFC in Jamshedpur. The customer service was really disappointing so the experience was really so-so.

Then all the students and faculty of our coaching institute, Jain Classes went for a picnic on 19 January to Hotel Citi Inn. Though the scorching heat was unbearable and spoiled our mood to some extent, it was a great experience where we met many other students pursuing different courses in our institute, made new friends and played so many interesting games!



Jain Classes picnic at Citi Inn

Valentines’ week has arrived and sadly nothing has changed for me this year too L But then, I am not feeling bad about it because no one around me has received any roses or proposals yet! That’s the thing about CA students- Valentines’ week is just like any other week for them. :D

My friend Shubham has his birthday on 10th February. So I am wishing him here on my blog itself, in case I forget it in the hustle bustle of my super busy schedule of studying and studying all the time :D So, Happy Birthday Sethi!! May you get all that you wish for!!

Okay enough for now, I’ll now go study. But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon!

Happy Valentines’ Day! May your V-Day not be as plain and boring as mine!! :D